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Live Casino Games such as Roulette, Baccarat & Sic Bo, etc has been amongst the most commonly played games in the live online casinos. Thousands of players, from across the globe, play these casino games and there are hundreds of gaming software from different providers for it. The number of providers of online Roulette has grown significantly; they have also started supporting global languages.

This helps players from different nationalities to step up and enjoy the game to its fullest. One such live game provider is King855. If you have little knowledge about how this game works, then with the end of this page, you will know everything necessary about live online casino games.

The Popularity of Live Casino Games

For centuries, Devil's Game is one of the famous games of chance based on luck. It is a classic casino game just like Baccarat, Sic Bo, Poker & Blackjack. While all these games are classic in gambling, Devil’s Game is slightly different than others. What makes Roulette different is that it revolves around the player’s chance of winning based on his number selection, while Bacarrat is quite simple, as it asks you to just choose if your bet is on the banker or the player. Being played online through software, both the outcomes of the games are unpredictable or restrained by anyone; neither players nor providers.

The providers keep a close check on all dealers and the wheels to ensure that the uprightness of the game is maintained properly. King855 Casino is built to offer the best of this service. The games by King855 Casino can be easily found on SG4BET. SG4BET keeps tabs on the maintenance and functioning of the wheels, removing any bias or unfairness.

King855 online casino offers live casino games, that are tested and proven to quality for the set industry regulations. Be it the roulette, Lucky thirteen Blackjack, and more. Live King855 live dealers undergo a series of training to comply with the best requirements for the post.

They are qualified and skilled in handling live tables in King855 online. The dealers love working and hosting the games; they are dedicated and friendly towards all the players. They enjoy putting up an in-game conversation with the players.

More about King 855

SG4BET is one of the leading Double Roulette provider gambling clubs. And King855 is SG4BET’s Live Dealer Dual Roulette game provider. This game has brought in extra attention from the live online game players from different parts of the world. It provides the players access to choose, play, and bet from 2 live tables at the same time and from the same gaming window. This means that the players do not require multiple game windows or opening a new game to operate on double tables simultaneously.

When playing King855's Live Roulette, dealers and players have sufficient time to place their bets or spin the wheel. Many players think of this as a waste of time for active betting. However, King855 live dealer says that playing with its dual Devil’s Game enables the players to double their playing experience. And that they can make the best of their dormant time that players waste between two turns. This might sound too far-fetched, however, SG4BET has made this a reality.

What Players Can Expect With King855?

Playing with King855 live dealer, the players can choose their preferred live gambling tables from the primary portal of the SG4BET. They may make this decision based on their models or based on other cohesiveness with the sellers hosting the game. However, the player must remember that the outcomes or wagers from either selected wheels will not be shared or synced in any way.

Also, all players must not leave the table before the round in progress is finished properly. If the player intends to put down his/her wagers, they will have to wait till the round ends. Another worth remembering point is that, for Roulette, unlike traditional online Roulette, players will have time limitations in King855 casino. They will have a fixed amount of time to place their bets in King855 Casino. Players will skip or pass their turn if the bets are not placed in time.

Live Casino Action with Land Casino Environment

Many live tables in King855 Singapore have an Auto-Confirm Bets feature in-built in them. This provides the players with full control of rechecking their bets. The option for confirming the bets will only appear once the player has affirmed the wagers manually. After this, the bets are fixed and not removed till the sign for no more wagers is displayed.

Keeping all aspects into consideration, the main incentive behind the King855 live dealer game is to recreate the gambling club-like environment. Through this, the players can view their bets and other players from a new and more defined angle. Although, there is an option for players, who wish to discontinue this factor, to remove it from the menu.

King855 Online Casino provides this effective gambling club experience via its Community Chips. The bets placed by the principal players are displayed to make it easier for other players to discern and place their wagers. Community Chip may not be displayed with the placed bets. If the betting round is open, after everyone has placed their wagers, the players may feel free to put down multiple bets on one turn.

The Dual Roulette

Through the Dual Roulette feature, King855 provides access to 2 live tables through the game windows. Both tables will have their data bar, which will cover and present the win sums & bets form the last played rounds. This provides the player with complete information on his/her last bets. In addition to all this, the table and seller names are specified to facilitate better understanding.

The screen will also have a clock that will show the time remaining for the players to place their wagers. On the left corner of the table, the live screen will display a live stream of the Roulette wheel. This video screen will show the vendor while turning, before being shifted to the wheel until it comes to a stop. Below this video screen, players will see a Neighbors board. Through this board, the players will be permitted to put down Neighbor bets. On the right side of the table, there will be a History slider from which players can see the results of the last 30 rounds, which were played on the particular table.

Lucky 13 Blackjack

King855 casino brings you Lucky Thirteen Blackjack, which is one of the most popular live casino games. With the availability of King855 casino in SG4BET casino provider, you are allowed to play this exclusive live casino game online. The game is popularly played with a deck of 64 cards including some extra cards of 11s, 12s, and 13s with other standard cards. These extra cards are having no photographs, they are just used on their face value.

The guidelines for playing Lucky 13 blackjack are quite similar to that of the simple blackjack. For online gaming, here are the rules,

  1. The player is allowed to double firstly on two initial cards, be it anyone, and secondly double them after a split.

  2.  The pairs can be re-cut, for instance, the Kings,

  3. Insurance is a must, although there is no option for give up.

  4. The Live dealer Blackjack by King855 casino requires the players to cut up, on getting a pair of either 11s, 12s or 13s. After the cut-up, the player has to make more guesses or bust and drop the guess.


The casino provider must be placed on a tough 16 and more. If not, then it has to be placed on gentle seventeen and higher. If you are wondering about the payouts, then that will be similar to that other blackjack variants. For the players winning with the Blackjack, then he will be paid within 3 to 2. According to guidelines, the house side should be within 3% to 4% depending upon the number of decks used in the game.

You can enjoy side bets with Lucky Blackjack 13 offered by King855 Singapore. As numerous playing cards are assessed at 11 to 13, there is a higher risk of bust on dealt playing cards by the player. Hence, King855 Casino has put protection, according to which payment will be made on bust done by players at primary cards. The payout will be 5 to 1, in case initial cards have a total of 22 to 25. On getting a total of 26 by having 13 and 13, then the payout could be 40 to 1, minimum. The payouts can be enhanced by 5 times if the live dealer shows thirteen. Well, that explains why King855 Singapore calls it Lucky Thirteen Blackjack.


As Baccarat has been the most initial game to be played in the live dealer online format, it's one of the best offerings by King855 casino. The casino has kept all the authentic aspects of the game intact with a single dealer extending gaming service to various players. The tables will be offering standard returns for Players (1.1), Banker (0.95.1), and Tie (8.1). Also, there can be variations in styles of the baccarat tables. You may also get Super 6 Baccarat and no commission with a little varying pay structure. King855 Casino also brings you a unique feature for side betting, that allows you to make more bets for predicting pairs or bigs. It may be on either player's side or banker's side or also independent. This helps in getting bigger wins. 

Also, King855 pays attention to your requirements and further offers you the menu button, from where you can adjust visual and audio settings. That space also includes rules and returns regarding the side bets. You can also check out various deal types like speed baccarat and standard deals. This is a low strategy game, which will allow you maximum fun and payouts.

Sic Bo

Here comes another game by King855 Casino. Sic Bo is a more engaging version of craps, however, unlike craps, it is played with three cubes.  You can choose a massive number of bets possessing different house edges. The most interesting strategy of Sic Bo relies on round selecting bets that have lower residence edges, which avoid bets possessing maximum house edges. If you are a leading Sic Bo gamer, then you can rightly check the payouts and choose the right residence side for a specific bet.

King855 casino offers various other live casino games with live dealers. This is one of the most interesting and efficient casino gaming providers found on SG4BET.

What Standards Does The King855 Online Follow?

SG4BET’s King855 Online Casino tables follow the basic rules of the European Roulette, Baccarat, and other casino games. Upon assessing all online and land-based casino games, European Roulette has been given the utmost preference by many players. The players get a higher chance of winning and earning, which is the main cause of its worldwide popularity. The house benefit of this variation is around 2.63%.

Just like French Devil’s game, European variation also has 37 divisions of the wheel that are numbered from 0 to 36. These numbered divisions have a black or red color except zero; this division is colored in green. The process of the game resumes as usual. The players have to place bets on the number they predict the roulette ball will land on.

To win the bets, all players will place their wagers on the number pocket they think the ball will settle in. Once all bets are in place, the King855 live dealer will give the wheel a spin and toss the ball in the opposite direction of the spin. After the wheel stops, the ball will end up on either of the numbers. The player, who has placed his/her bets on that particular number, will win and get paid.

Can I play King855 with my Smartphone? 

Yes, King855 can be played on smartphones. The game supports both iOS or Android operating systems, making it befitting for all mobile users. If needed, SG4BET King855 download can be accessed through King855 iOS/apk files.

Experience with King855 Online Casino

SG4BET takes proper care of the maintenance of the King855 Singapore. The complete process takes place within a few hours of time, and the game is assessed for any issues. The short term maintenance schedule ensures that there are no complications in the gambling process. Through this, they ensure that optimal consumer experience is delivered via King855 Casino Dual Roulette.

Safe, player-friendly, fast, and enjoyable consumer experience is proffered to all the players. The King855 online game is designed to keep up with the dynamic & trendy demands of all our consumers. If you wish to get a novel online casino game experience, then check out SG4BET’s King855.


With King855, SG4BET can offer numerous promotions including King855 free bet, monthly lucky draws, King855 register bonus, regular bonus, referral rewards, King855 free credits, and more. To know more about these promotions, visit SG4BET’s official website and King855 login. While there are several other advancing gambling clubs, SG4BET’s online casino provides better services than others. King855 free credits and promotions can be availed once you have signed up for the live game with your King855 ID.

Company's Introduction

A Singapore based Online Gambling Club, SG4BET is known for its user-friendly and simple live gaming options like Baccarat and more. While most customers are debating over their choice of online casino, SG4BET’s customers have been enjoying the top-quality gambling experience with King855. The club has been operating in this industry for 5 years now and its customer base has kept growing more and more throughout this time.

They have made this possible by offering some of the best bonus promotions and King855 betting tips. This has improved the overall experience of the players when compared to other real-time online casinos. Apart from this, SG4BET is also a provider of fun online slot games along with reliable cash out process and live casino gaming proficiency to all its customers.

In its upgraded form, the customers or players can get their hands on the King855 register makes the player eligible for online transfer, cash deposit, and payment gateway features. This provides the players with better opportunities to place bets, win, and earn more cryptocurrency.  

Where Can I contact the company if needed?

SG4BET only renders its online gambling game- King855, to the interested customers on their demand. Each player will be provided with a King855 ID after they download King855 apk/iOS. The King855 agent will keep all players updated with the latest promotions and King855 free bet features. Players can find the best King855 betting tips on the SG4BET’s website.

All online casino game players are welcome at SG4BET for King855 register and play. King855 Singapore agent will guide you throughout the process via a live chat feature, which is open around the clock for all customers. King855 agent is available for you on phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, and also on Live Chat.


After King855 download, SG4BET provides comprehensive support to all the players through their King855 Singapore agent team. The game has various advantages, promotions, and features that keep the players connected throughout the gambling sessions. Players can easily set up their profiles by following the King855 login procedure. This game has made online casino gaming fun and enjoyable for many players, SG4BET has many customers from different parts of the globe playing King855.

Offering the best gambling and betting experience, King855 download is simple and quick for all mobile operating systems. The member players have an opportunity to explore live online casino games through this. They can have demo software for King855 free bet, free app download, and even gambling tutorials.

Players will have easy cashout and wagering process when they play with King855. They can place their bets on live games, view the outcomes in real-time tables, and earn money from cash payouts.

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